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Asby Folville church Welcome

This site was created to further research into the history of the Woodford(e) family from the parish of Woodford in the County of Wiltshire, England.

A complete list of pages and subjects is given in the Site Map which also has a facility for a keyword search of this website.  There is a similar search facility below which is a very quick way of checking whether a member of your family is listed here. At present there are over seventy pages of information here.

Contributions in the form of articles, images, pedigrees or brief queries are always welcomed.  I will acknowledge fully all material published, and respect all copyright, and I will only publish after obtaining your permission. Your comments on the layout and content of this site are especially welcome.

A warm welcome to subscribers to the Woodford Listings on Genealogy.com.  I hope this website may help you in your research, and I would appreciate any additions you may wish to make to the research you find here.

The owner of this website is Stephen Butt, and he can be contacted here

Parson James Woodforde

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A personal pedigree
A family pedigree from the earliest person known to have assumed the surname of Woodford(e) through twenty-four generations to the owner of this website.

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Research Section
The location of other source material in libraries, record offices and other collections is being added here. Your suggestions will help to develop this resource.

Amy Woodforde-Finden
I am anxious to trace an image of Amy. Source suggestions will be gratefully received and acknowledged here

If you are looking for a brewery, you have reached the wrong site! 

The Woodforde Ales website has a similar web address but we are not connected (except that the brewery is named after the gentleman above!)

You can move on to the brewery's site, but please take a look around our site first!

Woodforde geographical locations

As a place name, the word Woodford simply means a `ford in or by a wood' as from the Old English wudu + ford.

Examples include Woodford in Greater London (Wodefort in Domesday Book 1086), Woodford in Greater Manchester (Wideford 1248), Woodford near Thrapston in Northamptonshire (Wodeford in Domesday Book 1986), Woodford Halse, also in Northamptonshire and also Wodeford in Domesday Book 1086, and the settlement with which this family is associated, namely Woodford in Wiltshire, the earliest reference being Wuduforda in 972.

Mills. A.D., Dictionary of English Place-names, OUP, 1997

Woodforde arms at Ashby Folville

The Revd James Woodforde

The most well-known member of the family is undoubtedly the Revd James Woodforde whose diaries have been published by Oxford University Press and by the Parson Woodforde Society at various dates since 1920. However, many other members of the family wrote diaries which have survived to the present day.

Please take a look at the Yahoo group, Woodforde's Country, which has messages and pictures relating to the villages in the Weston Longville area of Norfolk where the Revd James Woodforde served as the minister for many years.

The American Association

In recognition of the considerable research into the Woodford(e) family being undertaken by members of the family in the USA and Australia, I would very much like to find the connections between these families and the English Woodfords

The earliest of these Woodfords to have moved to America would seem - based on current knowledge - to have been William Woodford (1700-1744) known as  "The Immigrant" who married Ann Cocke, daughter of Dr. William Cocke (1672-1720) and Ann "Nancy" Jekyll Catesby

William Woodford was, of course, the father of General William Woodford (1734-1780) who fought with George Washington and was related to Washington. A descent can also be traced from the Woodford family of Leicestershire in England to George Washington

Does anyone have an earlier date and name? It would be of tremendous help to hear from anyone in these countries who can trace their roots to a Woodford in England. 

I look forward to hearing from you!  You can email me direct from here

Nephew Bill

The History of the English Woodford(e) family of Wiltshire
including its early roots in Leicestershire

Research into the life and activities of the Leicestershire-born
spiritualist author and journalist Robert James Lees

Listening to the historic heartbeat of the City of Leicester
and its environs in the English East Midlands

All about a family heirloom in the making


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