The Woodforde Family

A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300



The Parson Woodforde Society

The Parson Woodforde Society has undertaken a vast amount of learned research into the life of the Revd James Woodforde, and is undertaking the publishing of his diaries at the rate of about one volume a year.  

Somerset County Records Office

The Woodforde family's associations with Somerset began with Heighes Woodforde (1664-1724) and his half-brother Robert Woodforde (1675-1762), sons of the Revd Samuel Woodforde (1636-1700). The village of Ansford was the Woodforde family`home' until the end of the 19th Century.

The Custance Website

A site rich in detail and research dedicated to the Custance family, one of the principal Norfolk families known to Revd James Woodforde and referred to frequently in his diaries.

Woodford of Northampton (19th Century)

A pedigree of a Woodford family in Northampton in the 19th Century as part of wider research into related families.

1901 Census

Contains the results of the 1901 census for England and Wales. The ideal and obvious site for anyone researching ancestors or wishing to find out who lived at a particular address in 1901.

The Diary Junction

This aim of this website, a non-commercial enterprise on a grand scale, edited by Paul K Lyons, is to provide an internet resource for those interested in historical and literary diaries and diarists. The site now has references to over five hundred diarists with biographical and textual information on each. The Woodforde family is represented by Robert Woodforde (Steward of Northampton) and Revd James Woodforde (of Ansford and Weston Longville)

Leicester Civic Society

A new site for a venerable and valuable society. "We stand for protecting and preserving all that is best in the heritage of Leicester and improving the environment for the present and future generations".

This site is owned by Les Emmans who recreates some of the dinners enjoyed by the Revd James Woodforde. Appropriate dress and music accompanies these feasts which take place at Breadsall near Derby in the English East Midlands.

Norfolk Churches - Weston Longeville

A guide, with many photographs, to the church so closely associated with the Revd James Woodforde.


The Very Revd Dr Christopher Woodforde - His works

The Very Revd Dr Christopher Woodforde (1907-1962) was a son of Dr Robert Edmund Heighes Woodforde (who first presented the diaries of Revd James Woodforde to the publishing world).  Christopher served as Dean of New College, Oxford, was a member of the deanery of Wells Cathedral, and was also a successful writer of short stories.  This site considers his literary works.

The Woodford-Clarke Families

Janet Clarke's family history website devoted to the Woodford and Clarke families.  Eighty members of the Woodford family with roots in Billesdon in Leicestershire and Leicester, are listed.

Woodforde Ales

A History of the Norfolk brewery named after Parson James Woodforde.

Woodford family of West Virginia, USA

David Kuhl's research site investigating a Woodford family, possibly originally German-speaking from Pennsylvania, now located in Virginia, USA.

Woodford family research message board on

A variety of Woodford names and research lines, some of which connect to those on this website.

Norfolk Family History Society

Including various pedigrees of the Woodforde family and listings of relevant publications held.

St Augustine's Parish Church, Locking, Somerset

The church where the Revd Alexander John Woodforde was vicar from 1894 to 1909.

24 Hour Museum

Numerous relevant articles and links to assist in historical research. A major portal for all who work in the field of history, archive management and museums.

Woodforde's Country

A Yahoo group devoted to Weston Longville and the other Norfolk villages known to Parson James Woodforde.  This link will show you the front page and message area, but you need to have a Yahoo log in before being able to participate or see the images.

Castle Cary Museum

A page on the South Somerset Museums website noting a permanent exhibition dedicated to Parson James Woodforde in the museum at Castle Cary. 

The Wensum Group of Churches

Website relating to the Wensum group of parishes in Norfolk which includes Weston Longville.


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