The Woodforde Family

A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300



First Name Date of Birth of Baptism Date of Death
Samuel 15 April 1636 11 January 1700
John 8 August 1637 1694
Sarah 19 August 1638  
Susannah 16 August 1639  
Thomas 18 August 1640 27 August 1640
Nathaniel 7 September 1641 16 October 1651
Hannah 10 ------- 1642 1644
Elizabeth 4 March 1643  
Robert 6 July 1646 6 October 1670
Hannah 23 April 1648 January 1653
Benjamin 2 September 1650  
Edward 20 June 1652  


The Descent from Robert Woodforde

Of the many children born to Robert and Hannah, only two survived to adulthood and had children.  These were the two eldest sons, Samuel and John.  Early in their lives on 13 August 1638, as their fatherís diary records, they were taken in wicker baskets on horses to London away from the danger of the plague in Northamptonshire.  Samuel was aged two years and John aged eight months. The family's trusted friends Goodman Lamport and Goodman Wright led the way and their parents  accompanied them as far as the town:-

I prayed and my wife & I went alonge with our Children about as farre as ...pton windmill.; I humbly cast & committed them to the p(ro)vidence of the Lord.

From Samuel would descend the Woodforde family of Ansford, Somerset; from John, the Woodford family of Carleby, Lincs.



























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