The Woodforde Family

A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300



The Woodford family in Kibworth, Leicestershire.

The family name of Woodford had been familiar in the villages of Kibworth Harcourt and Kibworth Beauchamp for several centuries. Indeed, the villages' history was written by a member of the family, F.P.Woodford.  His book has recently been re-published, and is on sale in the village Post Office.


Pollarded path in Kibworth Churchyard

Pollarded trees in Kibworth churchyard

The Woodford family in this area appears to be a cadet branch of the family in Northamptonshire, principally from the village of Welford on the border with Leicestershire.


Kibworth Parish Church - 2003

St Wilfrid's Parish Church, Kibworth
Summer 2003


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Kibworth Parish Church from John Nichols

St Wilfrid's Parish Church, Kibworth
 (from John Nichol's `The History and
Antiquities of the County of Leicestershire')

The Church is largely of late 14th Century construction, although the tower dates from 1832/6, replacing a spire that collapsed most dramatically on 23 July 1825. The slender nature of the spire is illustrated in John Nichol's
The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicestershire, 1798  It is said that one small local girl ran home to tell her parents that she had just jumped over the church steeple, only to be rebuked by her disbelieving family.


Kibworth churchyard in winter

Kibworth churchyard in winter


The Parish Church of St Wilfred and its churchyard serves both villages, and two porches on the north and south of the nave are still known, respectively, as the Harcourt and Beauchamp porches.    


Woodford `graffiti' on East end of Kibworth Church

Woodford `graffiti' on external East end of Kibworth Church

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Woodford family names in Kibworth Churchyard 1800-1892


Grave Ref  

First name

Age at death  

Date of death


Family detail from tombstone



71   4 January 1863  

Wife of Thomas

110   Mary 30   12 August 1857   Wife of Job
110   Francis --   -----------------   Infant son of Job and Mary
110   Lucretia --   -----------------   Infant daughter of Job and Mary
111   John 76   31 October 1852   ----------------------
111   Ann 83   18 September 1856   Wife of John
112   William 12   31 December 1861   Son of Job and Mary
112   Lucretia 23   2 December 1877   Daughter of Job and Mary
145   Thomas 42   9 March 1820   Son of Elizabeth and John
146   John 67   16 April 1800   ----------------------
147   Elizabeth 72   26 October 1810   Wife of John
152   Elizabeth 79   21 June 1852   ----------------------
159   Hannah 29   7 June 1819   Wife of Jonathan
160   Jane 33   21 Oct 1809   Wife of Jonathan
169   William 26   29 January 1856   ----------------------
169   Edward --   -----------------   Died in infancy. Son of William and Millicent
171   Jonathan 71   27 June 1848   ----------------------
316   Elizabeth 47   27 March 1878   ----------------------
381   Thomas 76   13 September 1888   ----------------------
441   Edward 76   13 September 1892   ----------------------
533   Jane 48   29 October 1873   Wife of Edward