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Woodford - America

My WOODFORD info : Joseph Woodford b. Bucks Co, PA/ or/ Mercer Co, NJ-1792- d. Abt 1864-Tioga Co, PA.  m.  Nancy VANHART  [Aug. 1790-PA- d.12 Feb 1864, Tioga Co, PA].  We know Nancy b. Bucks Co. PA area, one of 10 children per the Bible record.

Joseph & Nancy named their children: Amelia Permilia, Mary, William E., James George, Joseph Jr.and Elizabeth.
That is all of the background I have.  Would gladly reimburse for any info.

Thelma McMullen


Woodford Family from Isle Of Wight England

I am researching the Woodford Family from Isle Of Wight England, hoping you might find a connection.

Walter James Woodford B.1858 I.O.W parents Joseph Woodford and Maria Young
Walter James Woodford ist marriage to Hannah Winter abt 1882 I.O.W
2nd marriage to Sarah Ann Winter 1909 I.O.W
Walter James and Sarah Ann had twin boys born 1912 Orlando G.R Woodford & Alan J.L. Woodford
They moved from the I.O.W to Billericay England a child Kathleen. W. Woodford born 1915. to Walter James & Sarah Ann

(Orland.G.R. Woodford married 1940 to Constance.A.L. Cook at Brentwood England
children of this marriage,Wendy Woodford born 1940 Brentwood England, Robert.G. Woodford born 1946 Chelmsford)

Alan.J.L. Woodford marriage to Dorothy.M. Easton at Billericay England 1934
children Ronald.A. Woodford 1935 at Billericay, England, Peggy Woodford 1939 at Brentwood England
Leslie.J. Woodford 1946 at Romsford England
I am trying to find living relatives connected to this Woodford Family
(Ethel Olivia Woodford daughter of Walter James Woodford and Hannah Winter
married Arthur William Smith in 1912 and came to Australia 1912
Frederick Joseph Woodford son of Walter James and Hannah came to Australia abt 1921 and married his cousin Kate Woodford abt 1927, in Australia Kate Woodford parents William Henry Woodford & Kate Russell,
William Henry Woodford was the brother Of Walter James Woodforf. I.O.W

Any information you can provide on this Family would be most appreciated


Patricia (from Australia)

Bishop James Russell

By chance did Bishop James Russell have a brother John, born about 1816?   John married Sara Woodford in 1839.  (See this page for information on Bishop James Russell Woodford).

Sherry Wagner  

Woodford-Clark family

Hi my name is Ann Marfil (Clarke) my brother is Lee Clarke in California.  He finally sent me the link to the website and I am very happy to be named in it. Just thought I would drop by and say hi to you, and to give you my email address

Thank you for all of your hard work

Ann Marfil

William Woodford of Virginia

I am SallyAnn Woodford McChesney looking for William Woodford's descendants for my children, as well as ex-husband, Robert Jackson Woodford. The site on which I found "my" William Woodford is listed thus:  

My William is listed as being born in 1745 in Frederick County, Virginia, and dying in Rockingham Co., Virginia in 1800. He married Frances  "Fannie" Howe in 1768.  In February 1776, he enlisted in the 8th Virginia Regiment. The first record of this particular Woodford line is 8/3/1773 when their children were baptized in Dunsmore (now Shenandoah) County. William's son, also named William, was born in 1769, married Hannah Moss in 1795, and died in Barbour County in 1833.

I've been told that there seems to be a LOT of confusion over this William Woodford and Gen. William Woodford, between whom I have not been able to find any connection; however, I truly believe there must be some connection back in the ancestral line (at least, I would like there to be!) 

Let me know if any of this rings true with your line. Would love to get some information that is definitely historical and true!

SallyAnn Woodford McChesney

Please see this page for information on General William Woodford, and this page regarding William's ancestry in England and descent from the Blount/Light/Washington families.  Is this material correct?  Can anyone add further detail regarding General Woodford and his family, please?

Daisy Maude (Maud) Woodford was born in Key Haven, Hampshire March 2, 1889

I am researching and writing an article on a man who dug up dinosaurs in Alberta, Canada 1925-1937. There is a Woodford connection. I am looking for some specific information. First I'll provide some background information, then my questions.

Daisy Maude (Maud) Woodford was born in Key Haven, Hampshire March 2, 1889. She married Henry James Hoad in June 1907. They had two sons, Leonard and Stan (died at age 26), and possibly a daughter Freda Vinson (nee Hoad). Mr Hoad then died. Daisy remarried Harold Dacre Robinson Lowe who was born and raised near Liverpool. He came to Canada around 1905 (possibly living in Toronto) or 1909 (definitely living near Youngstown, Alberta, Canada). He returned to England in 1920 and married Daisy. He then took her back to Alberta (it seems her children with Hoad were left behind). Harold and Daisy had three children, Connie (d. 1976), Georgina (d. 2006), and Don (still alive). The Lowes moved to Drumheller in 1920 and left in 1944, living in/near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Harold died in 1952. Daisy then remarried a man with the surname of Walburn. Daisy died in Vancouver on September 1, 1973.

My questions:

The date of Hoad/Woodford marriage. It was in June 1907 but a precise date would be appreciated.

What Daisy's father's occupation was, as well as Hoad's. 

The birth and death dates of the Hoad/Woodford children.

Any newspaper articles relating to Hoad/Woodford or Lowe/Woodford weddings. Would need full information: name of newspaper, publication date, and page number.

Any pictures of Daisy Maude Woodford.

Any information on date and cause of death of Mr. Hoad.

Any information on how Harold Lowe and Daisy Woodford met. They grew up over 300 km apart so this is a bit of a mystery to the Lowe family.

Darren Tanke

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Although I know a little about the Woodford family of Hampshire, I regret I do not have the knowledge to be able to assist this gentleman at present.  Can anyone help?  I did receive the following message last year:

George Woodford - Lymington - Boldre

I'm trying to find further info. on the George Woodford family from Lymington (Boldre etc.). He married Annie (or Ann) Edwards and they had my grandmother Daisy Maud in 1889. She had several siblings as per the 1891 census - Edith, Lila, Elizabeth, Annie and a few more. I know he was born in 1853 in Leicester. 

I got lucky and just through sending a query, connected with a Woodford relative (Libby Coxon) who has sent me some info. which I am just starting to review.  Her grandfather Arthur was my granny's cousin.

I'd be interested in things like middle names for George and Annie and the status of Granny's siblings. 


Woodford - Welford Leicestershire

Hi, I've just been looking at your website.
I've traced\our family back to the mid 19th century.  My great grandparents were William and Mary of 14 Hog Lane, next door to the Peacock Inn which was kept by more Woodfords.  One of their sons ultimately moved to Marston Jabbett, Warwickshire. One of his sons Josiah settled in Bulkington. One of his sons was my late dad.  Most of his offspring are around the area.  Do you know if we are related in any way?
Thanks for your help,
Anne Woodford

Dear Annie, 

Thank you for writing, and my apologies for the delay in responding. Yes, we are very distantly related. The Woodfords of Welford descend from the Woodford family of Northamptonshire, as does my side of the family.  They were based in the area of (W)Old, about five miles south of Market Harborough.  As you know, Welford is not far away from here. 

Henry Isham Longden, the 19th century antiquarian of Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire was interested in the Woodford family and produced a number of handwritten pedigrees including a descent of a family in Welford.

With best wishes,


Woodford - Sherard connections

Dear Stephen

I am trying to place the John Woodford whose daughter Elizabeth married Laurence Sherard (Sheriff of Rutland 1438, died after 1443). Elizabeth was said in the Sherard pedigree to be "Dau and heir of John Woodford of Sproxton, com Leicest. Esq.≤"

The only John I can see on your website is the one who died in 1401, which seems perhaps a bit early, and in any case as he had a male heir, Elizabeth could not be an heiress.

I see you refer to the "Gretton (Sherard) manuscripts" - what are these and could they help?

My interest is because Elizabeth is my wife's 15xgreat grandmother.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Richard Hodgson

Woodford of Leicestershire in the 18th and 19th Century

My  grandmother was Mary Ann Woodford born 17 June 1876. Her father was Frederick Freestone Woodford (1851 in Lincolnshire).  His father Joseph Woodford born at Hoby 9 Jan 1812.  His father Ralph  born 1776 married Elizabeth Freestone 19 Feb.1798 at Thrussington. Ralph's parents were Edward Woodford and Ann Shuttlewood, married 1773 at

South Croxton.
I have a Chart compiled from extracts of various published Pedigrees and information supplied by Ian Payne Esq. M.A.(B377) beginning with John of Brentingly in the early 1300s. The Berkeley, Folville, Prest and Nevill Families are all joined as they married into the Woodford family. I have had this since 1995 sent to me by Roger Baker from Australia.
Quite recently we were in Ashby Folville churchyard and found several gravestones of the Woodfords. These helped  me to look again at the information I have.
Was Francis Hotchkin the second wife of William Woodford born in 1629, married in 1657 before Thomas Baly J.P. of  Grantham?
Ralph born in 1655 to William and Elizabeth - Did Elizabeth die in childbirth and then William remarry? I cannot find a death to support this.
I hope you can understand all of this and will get in touch.

Thank you for the detail you have sent.  I know the Leicestershire descent from 1317 (Brentingby) until c1500 fairly well, and much of it is published here on this site.  Ian Payne's article follows, in general terms, the later descent of the family in Muston, Leicestershire, but there were several other descents in the area which are not so well documented.

I would very much welcome any further information about the Leicestershire Woodford family in the 18th and 19th Centuries - the families that remained in the locality of Ashby Folville.

I would certainly recommend a close look at Janet Clark's excellent website here.

Grace Snyder Woodford - New York

Hi Stephen,

My dadís side of the family (from New York state) includes many people with the name Woodford, and I found your site hoping that I could find out more about our family history.  Grace Woodford Snyder, who I think is my great aunt, wrote a family history of the Woodfords, which I have transcribed and attached to this e-mail.  If you have the time, please take a look at what she wrote and let me know if any of the names or descriptions fit with your research on the Woodford family.  If nothing else, I thought you might appreciate some additional information on the Woodford family.

Best Regards,

Noah Porter

My grateful thanks to Noah.  I have published Grace's account of her family which can be viewed here.

Woodford - Great Creaton Northamptonshire

We research the Tarry and Markham families of Great Creaton, Northants. William Tarry wrote his will 22 Aug 1678. In it, he named his good friends and neighbors Richard Woodford of Great Creaton, Clerk, William Hackney, and John Battison, both also of Great Creaton. These men were  appointed to make sure William Tarry's wishes were carried out in the event Tarry's eldest son John refused the executorship.

I see you list a will for Richard Woodford of Creaton, so I'm wondering if you have any Tarry information that might be helpful for us. Also, do you know if Richard Woodford was Anglican or non-conformist? William Tarry seems to have been arrested in 1657 for not attending church, but we haven't come across the reason yet. The Tarry family was non-conformist in the 1800s, but we're not sure about earlier, sometimes they seem to be and other times not. We're pretty sure the Markhams were non-conformist --John Markham leased the land that the Independent Chapel was built on to the minister and it's possible he was married to the minister's daughter Hannah Shuttleworth.  We think the Markhams may have resisted a Tarry-Markham marriage in about 1691 because the Tarrys were either Royalist or Anglican, but we're just guessing about that right now. 

I descend from that Tarry. John Tarry married Anne Markham about 1691. We're trying to determine if William was John's father or grandfather. 

Thanks Dee Dee

I am absolutely certain that Revd Richard Woodford (born 1614,died 1703)was Anglican, but possibly with a strong puritan bias.

In terms of family descent, his parents were William Woodford (died1676) of Welford, and Dorothy Lucas of Old, Northants. William's father was Richard Woodford of Thornby, Northants (died 1602) and his father was Robert Woodford of Old, Northants (died 1594) from whom I descend through that Richard's elder brother Edward.

The Northamptonshire antiquarian Henry Isham Longden seemed to have a great interest in the Woodford family of his county and drew up a number of pedigrees. He certainly drew up a pedigree of the Woodford family of Creaton, and there is a further pedigree, not of Henry's under the catalogue number of  D1720. There is definitely a catalogue entry which reads "Woodford, Richard, Great Creaton, clerk, though the date seems
wrong. These documents are all at the Northamptonshire Record Office and are well catalogued - in Henry's own longhand.  I would suggest that a visit to the NRO would greatly assist your research.  Certainly, the
descent I have just outlined is derived from Henry's notes.

Northampton was the hotbed of Puritanism in Richard's time and was probably the strongest puritan centre in the country.  Although I have no evidence relating to Richard Woodford, other Woodfords in the near area certainly ran the gauntlet of arrest and appearances in the Star Chamber because of their puritan beliefs.

I am fairly certain that Richard is listed in Oxfordiensis - the listing of fellows and graduates of Oxford University, where you might obtain further details of his life.

Emily Rosalie Woodforde 1862 Christchurch New Zealand


I am trying to trace the above gentleman. He married Mary Jane BIGHAM in 1861 in Christchurch, New Zealand and I believe settled in the city as a watchmaker. They had one child which I can find records for, Emily Rosalie Woodforde in 1862. I haven't been able to find any further reference to the family until Emily marries in England in 1881. The certificate doesn't say if her father is deceased or not.

I can't prove that its the same man, but a Mr Woodforde landed in Christchurch with the ship, Gananoque, which left from London in February 1860. There are some references to James Woodford/e in electoral rolls and the like in Christchurch until 1865, but then I loose him and he doesn't seem to have died because there is no reference to it.

Does this link to anything you have?



Asa Woodford and James Woodford - New York

We are looking for proof that Asa Woodford was the father of James Woodford.  Asa was born in 1762 in Avon, CT and married Phebe Moses in about 1782 in New York.  Their child was James Woodford who was born in 1786 in New York and who married Urania Robinson in 1803, also in New York.  

Proof is needed for DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) membership.  We need a deed, will or probate that shows relationship.  

Thank you for any help.



William Woodford  "The Immigrant"(1700-1744)


I am a descendent of William Woodford "The Immigrant"(1700-1744) who married Ann Cocke, daughter of Dr. William Cocke(1672-1720) and Ann "Nancy" Jekyll Catesby. 

William Woodford married Ann Cocke and their:
(son) William Woodford married Mary Thornton and their:
(son) John Thornton Woodford(!763-1845) married Mary Turner Taliaferro and their:
(son) William Woodford III(1787-1840) married Ann Marie Archer and their:
(son) John Thornton Woodford(1812-1892) married Elizabeth Hawes Buckner and their:
(son) Henry Madison Woodford (1854-1928) married Leila Grant Bush and their:
(daughter) Mary Grant Woodford(1883-1953) married James Carroll Hamilton and their:
(son) James Carroll Hamilton (1916-2003) was my father.
This is the VA. KY connection.  I am a DAR member under William Woodford.

Another interesting fact: Mary Thornton was the daughter of John Thornton and Mildred Gregory: Mildred Gregory was the daughter
of Rodger Gregory and Mildred Warner Washington, and Mildred Warner Washington was the daughter of Lawrence Washington.

I have been researching my lines back to the various Immigrants.  There were lots of brothers and sisters, but these are my direct lines.  I am enjoying your web page and hope to make the English connection of Woodfords.

Sarah Frances Hamilton

Dear Stephen,

The only "evidence" of Colonel Woodford being buried in Manhattan's Trinity that I've found is that someone at the church wrote back to me saying that he is buried there but that they don't know exactly where his body lies.

Before I moved to Chesapeake, I lived in Manhattan.  I visited the Church's graveyard.  It is quite small.  I wonder whether the British ever kept records of where they buried the 'enemy'.

Neil Abramson

Dear Stephen,

My name is William Michael Ellis Jr,. General Woodford is my 6th g-grandfather. His G-G-G-granddaughter,  my G-Grandmother Mary Maud Newsom,  migrated to Mulberry Florida in the early 1900s with her husband William Ellis. In my library I have a set of books `The Life of Brigadier General William Woodford.'

 If I can be of any help in documenting any historical events relating to my ancestor William please feel free to contact me any time.

(A later message:)

Since my last e-mail I have found a website that shows the correlation to the Woodfords and the Catesbys. See if you can get it,  It is

My 6th great grandfather William Woodford was the son of Major Woodford (the immigrant) and Anna Catesby Cocke. Cousin to General Go. Washington. The Catesby on her side goes back to the gunpowder plot with William the cat
Catesby who was captured after the battle of Bosworth Field and put to death three days later.

Mike Ellis

Cokayne/Woodford - Staffordshire

According to Nicholls "History of Leicestershire", Margaret Cokayne married John Woodford (probably around 1540).   Margaret was the daughter of Henry Cokayne and Elizabeth (nee Meverell) Basset (first husband William Basset of Blore died 1506).

Can you tell me whether this marriage Cokayne/Woodford appears in any Woodford source?
David Swinscoe (researching the Bassets of Blore, Staffs)

Woodford - Light - Blount families of Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire

I am tracing my Judde ancestors in and around Banbury 16th - 17th Cntury, and because I have come up against a brick wall, I have started looking at other families, namely families like the Popes, Bustards,Norths, Fiennes, Copes, Danvers, Lights, Blounts etc

I have recently come across references to the WOODFORD family, I have a Cicely Woodford who married an Edmund Danvers sometime 1558, and another reference to an Ursula Woodford who married a Sir Walter Light, Ursula is described as the daughter of Thomas Woodford and Elizabeth Blount.

If you have anything on these two, Cicely and Ursula or the Blounts, Lights or for that matter any references to the Judde family, I would like to hear from you, I am quite happy to share information.

Many thanks

David Judd 

I certainly know of this side of the Woodford family but I don't think I can offer much information that you don't already have.  The following pedigree information is drawn from John Nichols `History and Antiquities of Leicestershire and the Harleian Visitation of Buckinghamshire:

Robert Woodford of Ashby Folville in Leicestershire as born 1481, eldest son of Sir Ralph Woodford. He married Alice GATE of Burnham in Buckinghamshire and had six children.  The eldest son was THOMAS WOODFORD who was born in Brightwell on Buckinghamshire. Thomas married ELIZABETH BLOUNT.  They had thirteen children including URSULA who married ROBERT or WALTER LIGHT of Radway in Warwickshire. Thomas and Elizabeth also had a daughter called Cecilia who married someone from Weston in Oxfordshire.

Nichols was notoriously uncritical of the sources he used, so it does not surprise me that he gives Ursula's husband as Robert, whereas you have found the name to be Walter.  Cecily or Cecilia is a popular Woodford family name, and comes originally from Cecily Neville who was some four generations back before Robert Woodford.

My source of information in respect of the Woodford family was from Family Search in respect of the LIGHT family (Thomas, Christopher and Walter). Another source was from Genforum (Sandy Tracy - email who advised that Sir Walter Light (born 1526 Radway Grange, Warwicks) married Ursula Woodford daughter of Thomas Woodford and Elizabeth Blount. 

Hope this is of some interest, would be interested to hear if you have anything further to add

David Judd

Ann Dorville, Heighes Woodforde - Alhampton - Ansford Family

Good day.

I am hoping you may be able to help me or point me in the right direction.

I own a house in Alhampton near Ditcheat which once belonged to Ann Woodforde (nee Dorville). When she died she left it to her sons and in due course Ralph sold it.

I am trying to trace that house and wonder if the will of her husband Heighes who died in 1789 refers to it. I see from the Rate book of 1758 that he owned a property in Alhampton and the Rate books for 1795/7 show Ann as paying rates...possibly for the same property.

Can you tell me whether his will still exists and if so what it says if anything about the property ?

Richard Walton

Although I know of the Woodforde family associations with Alhampton, I do not know whether Heighes Woodforde's will is in existence (even though I am descended from him!)   I believe that the Parson Woodforde Society may well be able to assist with this query, and would recommend Richard to contact them.  (See the link from my Links Page).

Martin Brayne of the Society kindly responded:

Dear Richard,
Further to your enquiry about the will of Heighes Woodforde (1729-89), I can tell you that it is in the archives of New College, Oxford (No. 9537). It was transcribed by the late Roy Winstanley and the transcription appeared in an article in The Parson Woodforde Society Journal ( Summer 1979). It reads as follows:
This is the last Will and Testament of Me Heighes Woodford of Castle Cary in the County of Somerset Gent. as follows Viz First I give Devise and Bequeath unto my two sons William and Samuel All my Estate at Pagham in the County of Sussex settled on me & Wife by my Father To hold the same unto my said two Sons their Heirs and Assigns for ever as Tenants in Common & not as Jointenats paying thereout unto my two Daughters Anna Maria and J.A. Juliana the Sum of Two Hundred pounds [written over erasure] apiece (& my just Debts) as soon as conveniently may be after my Decease and in case either of my said Sons should happen to dye without making any disposition of their respective Estates I give the same equally between my said two Daughters in preference to the rest of the Children whom I do most solemnly decalare and affirm not to be mine All my personal Estate I give and Bequeath to my said two Sons William and Samuel and to the Survivor or Survivors of them their Executors Adminrs & Assigns and I do hereby appoint my said two Sons Executors of this my last Will & Testament sealed with my Seal and dated this Twenty ffifth Day of June in the year of Our lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty [ "two" erased] three
Signed Sealed published & declared by Heighes Woodforde
{ No names of witnesses written on the document]
The sensational thing about the will, of course, is that Heighes disowned paternity of Ann Dorville's three youngest children, all born during his lifetime, Ralph, Francis and James. I think I am right in saying that Ann, in turn, left all of her property to those younger children.
Let me know if you think I may be able to be of further assistance.
Best wishes,
Martin Brayne
Chairman, Parson Woodforde Society


Thomas Gepp, Dr John Woodford and the voyages of The Rapid

Hello Stephen

Many thanks for your site
For the past 22 years I have been researching my Great Great Grandfather, Thomas Gepp, (Farrier/Vet) of South Australia
I have many conflicting records which show/didn't show  he came to South Australia on the "Rapid" with Col Light with your Woodforde, Jacob etc -
But I have, after spending the last seven weeks researching in Adelaide State Library, turned up information that Thomas may have joined the "Rapid" in Sydney to bring back horses for the new Colony at the behest of Fisher - the "Rapid" left for Sydney from Adelaide on 19 February 1837
Would your Woodforde diaries show the entire list of people on board - I really would like to put this issue to rest
Any help would be most happily received
Chris Anders-Tritt  (Gt Gt Grand-daughter to Thomas Gepp - first vet in Colony)


I regret I do not have a copy of Dr John Woodforde's log of the voyage of The Rapid, but I know his original record does exist and is located in Melbourne.  As Chris says, there are various authorities who include Thomas Gepp on the roster of passengers, but others that do not. 

Woodford in Canada - Newfoundland

Hi there,

 Have not seen much about Woodfords in Canada. My Woodford family are from St. John's, Newfoundland. Our branch of the family were from Harbour Main, Newfoundland,Canada. Would you know any info about our branch of the family.
 If this helps, my Grandfather,William Joseph Woodford, 1895-1975,was our first Postmaster General after we joined Canada in 1949. Up to that point we were a British colony. Grandfather had an uncle of the same name who was a sea Captain in the mid 1800s.
25 Old Oak Cres.
Moncton, N.B., Canada
E1A 6W2
Phone 506-858-8577
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Ansford - Descendants of Francis Cardew Woodforde

My Name is Arnaud Potard (the brother of Thierry and Catherine) I'm grandchildren of Joyce Honoria Cardew WOODFORDE (Ansford family) who married Maurice Potard. I've just began my genealogy and I'm very interrest by your seach.
Please, Thanks for your help and all informations you would like give me and your Gedcom
I visit your Web pages which are very very interesting
Best Regards
Arnaud Potard

Many years ago I was browsing through the Visitor's Book in the church at Ansford and found the following entry:

Thierry Potard and Catherine Potard of Passavent, La Rochere, France, twin grandchildren of Joyce Woodforde.youngest child of Francis Cardew and Annie, who married Maurice Potard of Passavent, and had son Robert, father of these twins.

So I am delighted that Arnaud has contacted me. I look forward to receiving all the news from his side of the Ansford family.

Woodford Family-- Isle of Wight--Hampshire-and Dorset
My GG Grandfather  Benjamin Woodford the son of James & Anne nee Cotton was born in Freshwater, Isle of Wight in 1783. He left the IOW in the early 1800s and married Jane Emmerson in Wimborne Minster Dorset in 1815.
I have a lot of information on the family;-
IOW-- 1500 to 1800
Hampshire & Dorset--1800 to present time.
I would welcome any enquiries from anyone interested in researching the family name.
Preferably by e-mail at
or by Royal Mail at--

V L Woodford
11 Canford Cliffs Road
Parkstone Poole
Dorset. BH 13 - 7AG


George Woodford - Lymington - Boldre

Hi there Stephen. I am quite impressed with your website.

I'm trying to find further info. on the George Woodford family from Lymington (Boldre etc.). He married Annie (or Ann) Edwards and they had my grandmother Daisy Maud in 1889. She had several siblings as per the 1891 census - Edith, Lila, Elizabeth, Annie and a few more. I know he was born in 1853 in Leicester. My computer crashed so I've lost some of the info. I had
I got lucky and just through sending a query, connected with a Woodford relative (Libby Coxon) who has sent me some info. which I am just starting to review.  Her grandfather Arthur was my granny's cousin.
I'd be interested in things like middle names for George and Annie and the status of Granny's siblings. Actually ANY info. would be great.

Ridout Woodforde


I was just curiously reading through all the great links to Woodforde and saw Kevin's email RE: Ridout Woodforde.

My name is Nova Germaine Ridout Woodforde, 27 yrs old and my grandfather was Ian Sydney Ridout Woodforde.

Im interested to know of my connection to other Woodforde's. I know my uncle Peter Woodforde has done some research on the topic and will try to get some information from him also.

It's very exciting and I look forward to sharing info and links toward any connection.

Nova Woodforde


Woodford of Dorset

Hi Stephen,

I Intended to answer this weeks ago but time flies by!  My brother, Richard WOODFORD and I, both born in Nether Wallop, Hants. descend from the Dorset WOODFORDs who lived around Sixpenny Handley.  Richard WOODFORD married Edith BOWN/BOUND 1750 in Farnham, Dorset.  Their daughter, Edith WOODFORD had two base born sons, Jeremiah about 1769/70 and Isaac, bapt. July 1778 in Gussage St. Andrews, Dorset.  Edith later married Thomas SWEET and they had a son John.  We descend from Jeremiah who married Ann ROSSITER in 1813, in Hartgrove, they
were our 3 x gr. grandparents. Gr. gr. grandfather William Rossiter WOODFORD married Miriam HALL in E.
Knoyle, Wilts. 2 April 1846 Gr. grandfather Osmond Wm. WOODFORD married Sarah Ann COOMBS in Shaftesbury,
Dor. 26 April 1870 Grandfather, William WOODFORD married Mary Freelove WASTFIELD in Tisbury,
Wilts. 14 Feb. 1900. Our father Wm. WALTER Wastfield WOODFORD married Gladys COOPER in Nether
Wallop, Hants 28 Apr 1926. A will, drawn up in 1728 in Gussage St. Andrews by Margaret WOODFORD,
widow, (maiden name unknown) bequeathed property to her son Richard, two daughters Mary and Catharine and a son in law, Edmund KELLY.  Also mentioned, were grandsons Richard and John WOODFORD.  We believe Richard to be the Richard WOODFORD who married Edith BOWN/BOUND but need help proving it.  Any suggestions would
be truly appreciated.  

Your website is very interesting!  Keep up the good work.

Best wishes

Pam Kolodziej nee Woodford

Woodforde of Thurlebear, Somerset

Hello Stephen,

My wifeís ggg grandfather was Alexander Woodforde (b. 1802 somewhere near Taunton). He married Sarah Southwood at Thurlbear in 1825 and lived at Stoke St Mary until his death in 1881.  

I have never been able to find a link to the more well known Woodfordes of Ansford but it seems too big a coincidence to have the same spelling of the surname and the name Alexander for there not to be some connection. Maybe he was the black sheep in one of the families?  

Any thoughts would be appreciated but donít feel that you need to reply if nothing comes to mind.

David & Lynda(nee Woodford)  

Certainly, members of the Ansford family lived in the Thurlbear area (Thurlbear, Stoke St Mary and Pitminster in the19th Century.  Those whom I know about were descended from Heighes Woodforde and Mary Lamport through their sons Thomas and John.  Mary Woodforde (1835-1928) of `Woodfordes' in Stoke St Mary was a great grandaughter of John. Dr Francis Woodforde of Amberd House, Pitminster, was a great grandson of Thomas.  At present I have no knowledge of Alexander Woodforde.

(22/08/05) I have found the references to Sarah Southwood's baptism on 17 April 1791 (at Enmore), her parents being Robert Southwood and Janet. Sarah Southwood married Alexander Woodforde on 7 August 1825. Both are described as residents of the parish (of Thurlbear).

I have also found an Alexander Woodforde in the 1881 census (in the parish of Stoke St Mary) where his age is given as 77, his occupation as `former coachman' and his place of birth as Taunton.  He appears to be living with his daughter whose name is given as Mary A Haggar, aged 41 years, although there is no mention of her husband.


Woodford of St Joseph MO

My grandfather was George James Woodford from St Joseph, MO.  He homesteaded in Custer SD. I would love to know anything about him.

Arora M. "Pepper" Woodford

Woodford of Woodhouse, Leicestershire - more

Dear Stephen
I have traced the Woodford line of my family back to a John Woodford, grocer of Woodhouse Eaves, b1810-1811 Leicestershire, m Sarah Hinman 9 July 1835, d Woodhouse Eaves 30 August 1842 buried in Woodhouse Eaves churchyard. Despite the fact that there are several other Woodfords recorded in the village at that time I have been unable to find a connection. Would be grateful if you or any of your readers could help.
Amy Woodforde-Finden

I have two books of score sheet music the First  A LOVER IN DAMASCAS and secondly FOUR INDIAN LOVE LYRICS. They belonged to my grandmother and are from 1902/3. They are both signed by Amy Woodforde- Finden and I would love to know if they are of any value (other than my own sentimental value).


Agnes Woodford - Beaumanor Leicestershire 
Just found your site via GOOGLE. I am Researching my Whatnall's lineage have traced back mainly to Woodhouse  areas including Beaumanor and Swithland to 1681. One name  cropped up - James Woodford Whatnall born 1872 Barrow on Soar. I think his mother was Agnes Woodford, and father James Whatnall who were married March 1870 in Leicestershire. Got to get marriage certificate first to confirm couple.  James Whatnall died 1874 aged 32yrs. Agnes Whatnall remarried 1875 - if this is the same Agnes. No more info on James Woodford Whatnall. Do you know this Agnes ?



Woodforth Family of Leicestershire

My mother was Alma Woodforth. Born in Australia, her line goes back to James Woodforth and Elizabeth Cramp in Quorn/don (children born 1814 - 1831) and before that to George Woodford and Mary Harriman in Woodhouse (children born 1781 - 1799). The generation before that was John Woodforth who married twice; Sarah Leagor (1744) and Elizabeth Patchett (1748). John was a tenant farmer on the Beaumanor Estate and died in 1797 in Woodhouse. He was born in Cotes. The name Woodforth and Woodford seemed to be interchangeable, as I have the same people with different spelling at baptism, marriage and burial. I would be pleased if anyone else finding the Woodforth spelling makes contact. I seem to have collected quite a forest of Woodforth and Woodford names.

Jean Campbell

James Albert Woodford of Mere, Wiltshire

Hi Stephen,

My grandfather was James Albert Woodford who was born in Mere, Wiltshire around 1920. I know he had a brother called George Woodford who possibly moved to Australia at some point. My grandfather moved to Salisbury from Mere where he met and married my grandmother Barbara Salisbury around 1955.
What I would really love to know is who my grandfathers parents were.
If anybody could help I'd be very grateful.

George Henry Woodford of Woodhouse, Leicester

Hi Stephen,
My name is Gary Woodford, and I live in Greenhithe, Kent. Over the last two years I have lost my father and my grandmother, and recently set about a mission to find my roots. Now I am not that good at this, and I am sort of taking two steps forward and one back so to speak, but I have managed to put together seven generations of Woodfords.
We are an east end of London family, and most of the relatives were from this area, however it is only recently that I discovered that my great, great, great grandfather was married twice. His first wife was called Ann and they were married in the parish of Woodhouse. His name was George Henry Woodford.
Can you help me with anything regarding this man. I am sorry if my information is a bit vague, but that is all I have.
I have 54 Woodfords in my tree so far, and have laid mine out on an excel spreadsheet, if we find a link here, I would be only to glad to share my information with you.
I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

As mentioned previously, the Woodford family of Woodhouse in Leicestershire is not a branch of the family about which I have any specific knowledge. However, several contributors to this website DO have an interest in this family, and I hope that these individuals will be able to share their knowledge.

George Woodford and Lee family in Leicester - 20th Century

Dear Stephen,  I am looking for information concerning my paternal grandmother, Florence Woodford of Leicester, who died in Leicester in 1927.  Her father was George Woodford, a boot worker, in Leicester. In 1910 she married Ernest Thomas Lee and they had four children. I am the daughter of their younger son, Edwin Roughton Lee.

I would be most grateful for any information.

Dorothy Lee

Woodford family in Hampshire

I am tracing the Woodford family of Boldre and Beaulieu in Hampshire,


Woodforde family of Beaumanor and Woodhouse, Leicestershire

Dear Stephen

I was given your webpage address tonight and I'm very impressed by all the work that has gone into the Woodfords.
I have been looking for Woodford ancestors of my husband.  I have traced back to James Woodford ,born c 1803 ( 48 in 1851 census) in Beaumanor Park, Woodhouse, Leicestershire. He married Mary Ann Coleman on 13th August 1826 in St Margaret's Church, Leicester.  They had 7 children:

Thomas Coleman Woodford (1827) from whom my husband is descended
John Henry Woodford (1829 -1837)
James Woodford (1832)  Maria Woodford(1834)
William Woodford (1836)
Mary Ann Woodford (1839 - 1840?)
Elizabeth Woodford (1842)
There was a tale that these Woodfords were related to Parson Woodforde ie the Wiltshire Woodfords but I can find no evidence of this.  Nor can I find the parents of James.
I have found in records of various marriages in St Margaret's Church Leicester that a witness to James's marriage was a William Woodford who married there on 19th Sept 1831 (born Woodhouse 1806) and James was a witness to a Samuel Woodford's marriage on 28th Oct 1836 (born 1810 Beaumanor, Woodhouse) It is tempting to think that these were all brothers.
I'd be grateful if anyone can help me with my research.
With best wishes,

Marcella Woodford

It would be tempting to assume that, given the geographical proximity of the Beaumanor area to the former Woodford estates in Leicestershire,  Marcella's husband's family are indeed part of the early Leicestershire family which descended from John Woodford of Brentingby, formerly of Woodford, near Salisbury in Wiltshire.  The best reference source I know for the Woodford family in Leicestershire post 16the Century is `A Leicestershire Royal Descent - The Woodfords of Ashby Folville and Muston' by Dr Ian Payne, published in the Genealogists' Magazine (Vol 24, No 4, December 1992).   Dr Payne provides detailed source notes, including a number which could be very helpful to Marcella.   Incidentally, I do know of these Woodfords as I have visited the churchyard in question.  There are many references to Woodfords in the Records of the Borough of Leicester, but mostly in connection with St Martin's Church rather than St Margaret's. 

Woodford - Virginia - USA

We are searching from this end (the U.S.) and have hit that brick wall.  My husband's family research dates back to 1833 when his great grandfather, James Woodford, was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania. James' obituary states his father as William Woodford, born in Virginia.  Has anyone taken a family tree from England to America that might have this Woodford in it?  I realize that that is not a great deal of information to go on-other than William Woodford's wife was Sarah Madeira Woodford.  We know he was not the Brigadier General in the Rev. War.  It is fascinating to read about the Woodford(e)s in England.


John Woodford - Billesdon - Leicester - 19th Century

I am researching my father's family tree of Woodford from Leicester. I have got as far back as John Woodford born in Billesdon in 1829c. He married Caroline Raven in 1846 at St Margaret's Church. I am trying to trace his parents also a John Woodford but do not know his mothers name. Any information would be helpful. 


Janet Clarke (Woodford)

Sarah Anne Woodford - Poplar - London.

I am trying to find out about my great great grandmother. Her name was Sarah Ann Woodford she was born in Poplar, London. in 1838. I think her father was George Woodford who married Maria Bidden. Sarah married John Henry Roberts.

Janice Roberts

Robert Woodford - Birmingham Woodford family 1600 - Present day.

My name is Robert Woodford and I currently live in Solihull, West Midlands. Many years ago, My father and I carried out some research into the ancestry of our Woodford (Birmingham) family. We discovered that the Woodfords arrived in Birmingham from Winchcombe, Gloucestershire in about 1860. (William Woodford, born 1837, became a Birmingham Policeman. We managed to trace the family back as far as 1607 to James Woodford who married Ann Taynton in Alderton, Gloucestershire on 11 Oct 1607. The family remained in Alderton until about 1778 when they moved down the road to Gretton, and in the early 1800's down the road again to Winchcombe.

Members of our family still reside in Winchcombe. My line, however are now all West Midlands based.

I don't know if this information is of any use to you, or if it can be linked to any research you have carried out. I do have a full family history from 1607 onwards if you would like to know any more.

Rob Woodford

Rob is to be congratulated on his family research to date. Although Robert and James are recurring first names in the Woodford(e) family, I cannot find any connections at the moment.  Any additional information regarding this family would be greatly appreciated.

Joanna Woodford - Joseph Woodforde - James Woodford c 1850s-1900s

I am looking for information on my great grandmother's family before she was married.  Her name was Joanna Woodford, born 31 October 1885 in Spooner, Wisconsin, married Ulysse S Montandon on 1 February 1915.  Her parents were Joseph Woodford, born about 1864 in Wisconsin and Mary Sophie Burnham.  I am told they had eighteen children but only nine lived to childhood. I would like at least to find the other eight children. Joseph Woodford's parents were James Woodford, born England, and Joan Burgess, born England. Sammi Schorzmanm, Wisconsin, USA 

Princess Elgiva and Julia Woodforde

Do you have any information regarding the Woodforde's being direct descendants of a Princess Elgiva?  I believe this is recorded in some edition of Burke's Peerage, if my memory serves me correctly.  

I am a great-grandson of Julia Woodforde of New York and was given a photocopy of the Burke's Peerage page containing the Woodforde family indicating this. It was given to me from an Aunt who has since passed away and I have lost it. 

My great-grandmother, Julia Woodforde, was a direct descendant of the Woodfordes of Ansford. Julia Woodforde was actually my grandmother's grandmother. My grandmother spoke of her grandmother, Julia Woodforde, very little, except to say that she came from a very good English family.  One reason for the limited information was the early death of my grandmother's father, William Curtain, Julia's son (only son I believe), at age 36, a very tragic event which had a devastating effect on my grandmother and her siblings.

Dan Ringhoff, Florida, USA

The claim of a descent from a Princess Elgiva derives from a pedigree of the Neville family. This cites that the Nevilles are descended from the Lords of Raby through the marriage of Isabel de Nevill to Robert Fitzmeldred, Lord of Raby (c.1200). Their son became Neville, Lord of Raby.

Robert Fitzmeldred was in turn descended from Eligiva, a daughter of Ethelred the Unready who reigned from 978 until his death on 23 April 1016 and was, of course, a great grandson of Alfred the Great through Edward the Elder (reigned 899-924), Edmund (reigned 939-946), and Edgar the Peaceable (reigned 959-975).

There were several marriages between the Nevilles and the Woodford(e) family of Leicestershire, but the principal descent is through Isabel Neville, daughter of Sir William Neville of Rolleston, Co Notts, who married Sir Robert Woodford in 1402.

A detailed pedigree of the above is printed in the Smith-Carington family book located in the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, and in a Smith-Carington family tree in the keeping of the Parish Church at Ashby Folville, Leicestershire.   

Woodforde family in Australia and associations with Ridout family

I am doing some research on the Woodforde family history.  I have been able to trace my family back to the first Woodforde who came to Australia.  

His name was William Sydney Ridout Woodforde (b. 1854) I am trying to determine if there is a link between the two families.  From my father back they were known as Ridout Woodforde.  I am trying to see if there was a marriage somewhere that linked two families (Ridout and Woodforde) as have seen the surname hyphenated. My understanding is that the names were Ridout Woodforde. I cannot remember if Ridout was part of the surname or just an additional middle name.

I have found at The Family Records Centre, the record for William Sidney Ridout Woodforde (b. 5/2/1854).  The record indicates surname Woodforde and given names as William Sidney Ridout, so this makes me think that they all may have just had Ridout as an additional middle name.  I know my father was the last to be given it as all his younger siblings did not receive Ridout in their names. The only additional information I have is that William was also a Doctor, in London, prior to emigrating to Australia. William was born in London (St Marylebone Parish I think).  He became a doctor in London before heading for Australia.

I have also found records of a Dr John Woodforde* who arrived in Australia aboard the ship Rapid.  (He was the ship's surgeon) He ended up settling in South Australia.  

I know there are links to this family, but I am also trying to determine if these two were related to each and then if they are linked back to the greater Woodforde family described in your website.

Kevin Woodforde.

(*For further details of Dr John Woodforde, ship's surgeon on the Rapid, please visit this page).

If it's any help I have a record on my Ridout database of a marriage between William Thomas Garret Woodforde and Risa Ridout at Charles the Martyr at Plymouth dated 26 May 1851. Original source was IGI 1984 and Records Office.

Hope its of use


William Ridout

Woodforde family in Chichester and links to Holmes, Lamport and Norton families

am researching my ancestors, the Holmes family of Chichester, Sussex, and of Salisbury, Wiltshire, and the Isle of Wight, Hampshire. They were involved with the Duke of Monmouth in his rebellion. Col Abraham Holmes was executed after Sedgemoor. Col Abraham, and a Major Holmes, were among "His Highness's Gentlemen" at the funeral of Oliver Cromwell. This Holmes family intermarried with the Lamports of Sussex and Hampshire.

Ann Lamport, whose will abstract follows, is of this same family. I would be most grateful to hear from you in case you have any records of the Lamports or Holmeses:

PCC will Ann Lamport of Epsom, Surrey widow dat. 4 May 1716; my 2 E India bonds payable to Richard Malcher bequeathed to Trustees William Chamberlain of Charterhouse Yard Lond. gent and William Woodford of Chichester Dr of Physick; dau Mary Woodford wife of Rev Heighes Woodford vicar of Epsom; son Robert Lamport; to poor of Alton, Hants; will of late husband Thomas Lamport dat 16 Nov 1677; mentions deed of assignt. in 28 Ch. II from Thomas Young of Pagham Sussex to late husb - land in Pagham and Quinton called Hurst Lands for residue term 1000 yrs; lands conveyed to late husb by mortgage by Thomas Matthews; dau Mary sole exor; wit Wm Northey, Sam Tufnell and Edward Northey.

Ann Lamport is mentioned several times in a diary written by Mary Norton. She records on 12 September 1689 that her husband, Samuel, and son Heighes went that day to talk to `Mrs Lamport' about the intended marriage of Heighes and Mary ...[information from Stephen Butt].

The Norton mention is of interest. I have the following references to the surname:

PCC will date 21 Dec 1592 Elizabethe Stanny of Titchfeild, Hampshire; to be buried in p ch. of Titchfeild; my sister Anne Coverte; brother Gilbert Stannie; to my sister's eldest son William Covert and to Gilbert and Fardinando Covert; featherbed, napkins etc etc; "unto my brother Covert his servanntes .."; debt owed me by Mr Thomas Norton of Chichester; brother William Covert sole exor; friends Edward Garret and Thomas Houghton o'seers; wit Thos Houghton, John Slade and Edmond Deringe; pr Lond.

From Burke's L G of G B 1906 edn:

Thistlethwayte of Southwick Park:

Alexander and Cecilia Thistlethwayt's son Alexander of Winterslow [nr Salisbury] m Dorothy dau of Sir Edward Penruddocke Kt of Compton Chamberlain, Wilts, and their son Alexander of Winterslow m Catherine dau and heir of Andrew Childecot of Whiteway, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset; and their son Francis of Winterslow m 1683 Mary dau and co-heir of Major Robert Pelham of Compton Vallence Dorset (of the fam of Dukes of Newcastle); and their son Alexander of Winterslow b 1686 m 1717 Mary dau of Richard Whitehead of Norman Court Hampshire by his wife the dau of Richard Norton of Southwick...

The significance of these records, as far as my research is concerned, is twofold. Firstly, Thomas Holmes of Chichester, yeoman, in his will dated 20 Oct 1615, mentions his cousin John Stanney [uncommon surname]. The Stanneys seem to have been connected to various landed families. Second, the evidently connected Holmes family of Salisbury married into the Thistlethwaytes of Winterslow - see above.

The Duke of Argyll lodged with Maj Abraham Holmes [Monmouth's Colonel] in London for a time [see D N B].

From Burke's L G of G B 1906 edn:

Hussey-Freke of Hannington Wiltshire; Rot Freke of Shroton, Dorset temp Henry VIII, Teller of the Exchequer pchsd manor of Shroton and m Alice dau of John Swayne of Blandford issue inc Mary b 1564 who m William Hodges of Ilchester; Frances m John Culliford of Encombe; Elizabeth m Thomas Beale; next generation m Penruddock and Pile [latter marries Pitt Lord Rivers].Thomas Freke of Melcombe and Hinton St Mary Dorset b 1598 m Mary Doddington and their dau Mary Freke b 1634 m W Chaffin of Zeals Wiltshire. Mary Freke's brother Thomas freke b Melcombe 1629 m Elizabeth dau of Sir William Clarke Kt of Fordwich Kent and their son Thos Freke of Hannington b 1659 m Elizabeth dau of Thomas Pile of Baverstock Wilts. This latter Thomas Freke had a sister Jane Freke b 1668 who m Robert Duke of Lake Wiltshire.

PCC will Joane Goldston spinster of Bedhampton Hampshire 14 Aug 1667:

To be buried in chancel of Bedhampton church; to poor; brothers Richard and Anthony; sister  Elizabeth Nelson; sisters Anne, Margt and Katherine, and Christian now wife of James Windus of London; youngest sister Martha wife of John Hamock of Salisbury; loving friends Mr Stephen Charleton and his dau Mrs Margarett C; Mr John Beale a ring; my brother in law Mr Francis Nelson Rector of Bedhampton exor. Witnesses John Woodnutt marke, Francis Jones and Anne Quallett mark.

Of the families mentioned above, the Chaffins and Goldstons, both of whom were granted Monastic lands in Salisbury at the Dissolution, intermarried with the Holmeses, and so did the Woodnutts. Virtually all these families were Holmes connections in one way or another.

Simon Elliott

Simon's research relates to Revd Heighes Woodforde of the Ansford Woodforde family.

Woodford family of Hoby, Leicestershire and Bexton family

I am researching my family tree and need help with my Leicestershire roots, I am seeking information on Woodford of Hoby, mainly the parents of Ralph Woodford born c1839 and any brothers or sisters. Also his wife Anne Bexton c1846 possibly of Thrussington. Any information would be a bonus.

Mike Cantrell


Woodforde/Clark families in California and England - 19th/20th Century

I am the great grandson of Georgina Maud Woodforde living in California. When looking for family information I cannot seem to find her. She was married to Edmund William Clark and they had two sons and a daughter. My grandfather was Cyril Woodforde Merriott Clark and my great uncle was Basil Barbour Merriott Clark, and their sister Essie Clark.  Looking for family information as to her parents and family history.



I am pleased to say that I can answer some of Lee's questions, as Georgina Maude Woodforde was my grandfather's sister, and Lee has forwarded some remarkable photographs of my ancestors including my grandfather at the age of about fourteen years.  

Thanks to Lee, and also to Donald Clark, we now have a web page devoted to the Clark descent here.  Please can anyone add to our knowledge of this line of the Ansford family? 


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