The Woodforde Family

A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300


Family pedigrees are always constructed for a purpose, sometimes to prove ownership of land or property or to demonstrate lineage prior to marriage.  This pedigree simply provides a line of descent through twentyfour generations from the earliest known member of the family to the owner of this website.  The connections between generations 8 to 10 inclusive require further verification.

Key (by font colour):

Seven generations of the Leicestershire Woodford family documented in the Woodford Cartulary and other contemporary documents

Information derived from Harleian Society Visitations but yet to be verified

Corroborative evidence of the descent from Robert Woodforde (9) to John Woodforde of Scaldwell (10) and from this John Woodforde to Robert Woodforde (11) is still needed

Fourteen generations descent fully supported by corroborative material


    Leicestershire association

1 John of Woodford Born Woodford, nr Salisbury, Wilts. Died c 1362
2 William Woodford Born Brentingby, nr Melton Mowbray, Leics. Died 22 July 1369.
Second son of John. (Walter, first son, dsp) Seargent-at-arms
3 John Woodford 11 November 1358 to 1400/01 Born Leics.
Ward of the Black Prince. Sheriff of Leicester
4 Robert Woodford 1383 - 1455 Of Ashby Folville, Leics.
Knighted at Agincourt
5 Thomas Woodford Died before his son. Married his cousin Alice Berkeley.
6 Sir Ralph Woodford 1430-1498. Of Ashby Folville

Buckinghamshire association




Robert Woodford
Born Ashby Folville. Moved to Bucks. Married Alice Gate of Burnham, Bucks.
8 Thomas Woodford Of Brightwell, Bucks.
Married Elizabeth Blount of Iver, Bucks.
9 Robert Woodforde 4th son of Thomas. Married Julianna Preston of Radnor

Northamptonshire association


10 John Woodforde Of Scaldwell, Northants. 3rd son of Robert. Living 1513
11 Robert Woodforde Moved to Scaldwell from Leicestershire (?) 1496 (?)
Died 1574, Old, Northants. Married Elizabeth Wymond who died 1576, Old, Northants
12 Edward Woodforde Married Marjorie Ragdale in 1562. Died 1604
13 Robert Woodforde 1564-1636  Born and died in Old, Northants. Married Jane Dexter in 1603

14 Robert Woodforde 1606-1654.  Born Old, Northants, Died Northampton.
Steward of Northampton. Married Hannah Haunch (1617-1698)
15 Revd Dr Samuel Woodforde * 1636-1700/1  Poet, divine, and founder member of The Royal Society.  Born Old, Northants. Died London.
16 Revd Heighes Woodforde 1664-1724  Married Mary Lamport who died 1702

Somerset association


17 Revd Samuel Woodforde * 22 July 1695 - 16 July 1771. Rector of Ansford, Somerset. Married Jane Collins of Ansford who died 8 February 1766
18 Heighes Woodforde * 6 July 1726-23 May 1789. Attorney in Ansford, Somerset. Married Anne Dorville in 1754, who died 1799 
19 William Woodforde * 1758-1844. Married Anne Dukes of Galhampton, Somerset.
20 George Augustus Woodforde 1801-1877. Lawyer, Ansford and Castle Cary, Somerset. Married Harriet Lier
21 Revd Alexander John Woodforde * 1839-1909. Of Locking, Somerset. Married Elizabeth Laishley.
22 Reginald Fielding Marriott Woodforde* 1880-1962. Of Locking, Somerset. Married Gertrude Griffiths.
23 Mona Gertrude Woodforde * 7 May 1923 - 14 June 2005. 2nd child and only daughter of Reginald. Married George Butt
24 Stephen Butt * Owner of this website. Born 12 October 1951

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