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Dorothy Heighes Woodforde


Dorothy Heighes Woodforde (1902-1981) is best known as the editor of The Archaeological Review, which she launched as a newsletter in 1948 and continued to edit until 1965.  It rapidly became an important part of the archaeological scene despite frequent financial problems.

After its first appearance, the Review evolved into a colourful magazine and attracted most of the leading archaeologists of the post-war generation.

She was a writer and journalist, and her early career was in Fleet Street where she joined the circle that formed around Dorothy L. Sayers. Amongst her published works is her own compilation of Woodforde letters and manuscripts titled Woodforde Papers and Diaries published by Peter Davies London) in 1932.


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Dorothy was the only daughter of Dr Robert Edmond Heighes Woodforde who prompted the initial publication of the diaries of Revd James Woodforde.

Her three brothers all led distinguished careers, Christopher as a writer of ghost stories and as a leading authority on English church stained glass, Alec, and Oliver, who served as a senior legal adviser to the Church Commissioners of the Church of England at Lambeth. 

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