The Woodforde Family

A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300


Thomas Woodford Parish Clerk South Barrow, Somerset 5 July 1810
Francis Woodforde Rector Weston Bampfield, Somerset 31 January 1825
Rector Hornblotton, Somerset 26 May 1825
Rector Weston Bampfield, Somerset 11 June 1825
Thomas Woodford Rector Pointington, Somerset 8 February 1806
Rector Pointington, Somerset 20 July 1810
Rector Almsford, Somerset  (incorrect spelling of `Ansford'?) 7 June 1832



Further references for Woodforde family in ecclesiastical roles:


Hampshire Record Society Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of Winchester
La Neve `Fasti' Pub 1716. Lists of chief dignitaries in the Church of England
Newcourt's Repertorium 1708/ A History of the Parish of London
Somersetshire Incumbents Mr Weaver (1800s)
Institutions of Wiltshire Sir Thomas Philips (1820)



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