The Woodforde Family

A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300



Georgina Maud Woodforde, the eldest daughter of Revd Alexander John Woodforde, was born 2 November 1870 and married Edmond William Clark. He was the son of Thomas H.B.Clark and Ellen Baker.

Georgina and Edmond emigrated to, and settled in, Canada. They had four children. Edmond, Esperance, Cyril and Basil.

Little is known of the two eldest children, Edmond and Esperance (known as `Essie'). Edmond died in 1911. It is said that he contracted an infectious disease whilst serving in the navy. Essie died in 1916 at Montaville, Oregon (now part of Portland).

Cyril Woodforde Merriott Clark
known as `Dag', married Elizabeth.  

Basil Barbour Merriott Clark (1904-1987) married Dorothy who was born in 1906. They settled in Portland, Oregon.

Descent from Cyril Clark

Cyril and Elizabeth had two children. The eldest Son, Charles (Chuck) Clark married, firstly, Joan and secondly Lois. From the marriage to Joan, he had one son, Michael. From the marriage to Lois he had two sons, John Matthew (born 1973) and David Edmond (born 1974).

Cyril and Elizabeth's second son was Robert (1910-2004) who married Judy Ann Williams.  Robert and Judy, located in Colorado, had three children, two daughters, Robin Lee (born 1964) and Anne Marie (born 1969) and a son, Lee (born 1966) who is a regular contributor to this website.  Anne Marie is married to Frank Marfil, and their first child, Antonio David Marfil was born on 29 January 2006.

At some stage, Cyril added a final `e' to the family name. Cyril's son, Charles, spells his surname with this additional letter. 

Elizabeth died in 1964.



Georgina Woodforde Clark

Georgina Woodforde Clark
aged about 25 years

Descent from Basil Clark

Basil married Dorothy. They two sons, Donald (born 1932 and located in Ottawa) and Gerald Hill (born 1940 and located in San Francisco).  Dorothy had a son, Rollin Brooks, from her first marriage. He died in 1924.

Donald married Annette.  Gerald married Joan Valentine. Neither has progeny. Gerald retired in 2006 and has moved to Brrokings, Oregon.

Donald recently wrote to this site:

"My father mentioned that he had two Scot "aunts" by the name of Thomkins.  They had an orphanage which they funded from a trust account hat they were not supposed to have depleted.  I have a small Roman brass lamp that they collected during a trip to Italy, about 160 years ago. " 



family portrait

A family group portrait of Alexander John 
Woodforde, his wife and children c1895.  
Georgina is on the far right, standing.


(With grateful thanks to Lee Clarke and Donald Clark for their assistance in creating this page)

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