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A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300



Specific sources are also listed as footnotes on each relevant page.
General sources are listed below


Nichol.John,   The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicestershire, 1798           This major antiquarian history of Leicestershire is the starting point for any historical investigation of the area, despite its inaccuracies and contradictions. Search for Woodford references under parishes, specifically Brentingby and Ashby Folville.  Nichols quotes extensively from the Woodford Cartulary.
Cotton Claudius Xlll   The Cartulary of John Woodford of Ashby Folville   The main original source of information about the ancient Leicestershire Woodford family. This is a collection of copies of deeds, wills and other legal documents, with a narrative in the form of explanatory comments, setting out the family’s land and property acquisitions from about the year 1317.  It was composed, compiled or edited in about the middle of the 15th century and the last contributor was Robert Woodford of Buckinghamshire who was born in 1460.  Located in the British Library.  There is a microfilm copy in the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (in Wigston, Leicester).
P.E.Hunt   Notes on Medieval Melton Mowbray   Includes a remarkably detailed account of the activities of the rich wool merchants of Melton Mowbray including Walter Prest(on), father of Alice, wife of John Woodford of Brentingby.
P.C.Walmsley   Two long lost works of William Woodford and Robert of Leicester  

Arch.Franc.Hist 1953. Vol 46, p 458-462.  A discussion on the identity of this William Woodford.

P.Liddle & S.R.Hughes   Archaeological excavation at Brentingby   Trans.Leics. Arch & Hist.Soc. Voll LIV 1978/9
P.Larkin   Painted Wall Plaster from St Mary’s Chapel, Brentingby   Unpublished thesis. Copy at Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester, 1981
Revd Michael T. H.Banks   Thorpe Arnold – The Story of its Church and People   Church guide available from the church, 1981
M.Bateson, (Ed)   Records of the Borough of Leicester, Vol II, 44, No 137. 12 December 1352.   Various entries for members of a Leicester(shire) Woodford family
E.Acheson   A Gentry Community: Leicestershire in the 15th Century, p152ff.   A description of a cadet Woodford family descent from Woodford of Ashby Folville, 1992
Lori Ann Ferrell   "An Imperfect Diary of a Life: The 1662 Diary of Samuel Woodforde", Yale University Library Gazette, 63(1989), 137-44.    Samuel notes on page six of his diary after the death of his father in 1654 that,'he [left] beside me 5 other children unprovided for. This diary is extremely interesting for its emotional content. He states after the death of his 'dear Father. [that] I lost the best friend I had in the world and the sole encouragement of my studies [at Oxford]. Previous to this comment he is very apologetic about his earlier ungrateful attitude as a young man. Now that he has lost his grandfather (Haunch) and father, he is contrite and remorseful.
DeWelles, Theodore,   Sex and Sexual Attitudes in Seventeenth-Century England: The Evidence from Puritan Diaries, Renaissance and Reformation 12 (1988).   References to the Diary of Robert Woodford of Northampton
David Cressy,   Birth, Marriage & Death, (New York: Oxford University Press,
  There are several references to Robert and Hannah Woodforde and the breastfeeding issues in this book.
John Fielding,
  Opposition to the Personal Rule of Charles I: the diary of Robert Woodford, 1637-1641, Historical Journal, 31 (1988).


  A qualified and qualitative overview of the Diary of Robert Woodforde


Published works by members of the Woodforde family


Christopher Woodforde   Stained Glass in Somerset 1250-1830   First published in 1946 by Oxford University Press; reprinted 1970 by Kingsmead Reprints, Bath. Includes some material first published in the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society and in the Journal of the British Society of Master Glass-Painters.
Dorothy Heighes Woodforde   Woodforde Papers and Diaries   Includes references to, and extracts from, seven generations of Woodforde diaries from Robert Woodforde (1696-1654) to Samuel Woodforde RA.(1763-1817).  Particular attention is given to the correspondence between Julia Woodforde and James Power.  First published by Peter Davies, London, in 1932. Recently reprinted by The Parson Woodforde Society.
James Woodforde Ed John Beresford Diary of a Country Parson Originally published in five volumes by Oxford University Press, 1924-31. Refer to the Parson Woodford Society website for details of later and more faithful transcriptions.


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